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Our goal is to provide the most popular new range and carry handguns as either in-stock or available for immediate delivery. The photos below provide an overview of the brands and models we usually stock, always pending current availability from the manufacturer. Additionally, through our relationships with numerous distributors and manufacturers we welcome your special order requests. Favorite brands:

In addition, we enjoy researching, finding and stocking pistols that are interesting or exceptional, whose acquisition will enrich your range experience and pride of ownership. Please check in frequently, as the ‘goodies’ are always changing (both new and pre-owned).



Springfield Armory Trophy Match

NEW: Springfield Armory 1911 Trophy Match - 45 acp; 5" barrel; checkered cocobolo grips.

The Trophy Match starts with a forged national match stainless steel frame and slide. These are precision fit and then mated with a national match stainless steel barrel and bushing. The crisp 4.5 – 5lb match-tuned trigger pull means you can place your shots exactly as intended. The fully-adjustable rear target sight lets you customize your point of aim for your favorite ammunition. The top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare. An extended beveled magwell will help you reload as fast as possible under pressure. The Trophy Match also includes a beavertail grip safety, ambidextrous thumb safety and a Lightweight Delta hammer to round out the package with the ergonomic experience you look for in a top of the line competition 1911.



Beretta by Wilson Combat



Beretta Model 92G Brigadier with a lot of TLC by Wilson Combat -
This special, factory-new model in 9mm comes from Wilson Combat. They take a Beretta base model and Armor Tuff the frame (shown in FDE and Gray), perform a trigger & spring job (not standard, but specified by CGS for our customers) add Wilson grips and a few other goodies. This ain't your daddy's Beretta...incredibly smooth shooting and crazy-accurate. Limited run.

Please call for availability.



standard inventory PISTOLS

1911 Platform:

Colt 1911s



Colt 1911s are iconic. The John Browning design of the year 1911 is still a classic today. We are pleased to be a Colt stocking dealer, allowing us access to many exceptional pistols.

Colt manufactures a 1911 for every palate—from traditional blued frame and slide with checkered walnut high polish finishes and exotic woods.

Colt also works with Talo to provide exclusive, limited-run beauties. One of our favorites (shown bottom of the image group) is the Colt Wiley Clapp Commander - in 45 acp; this firearm boasts the following features:

•    Series '70 style action with no firing pin safety and improved trigger pull •    Alloy receiver for a light pistol that carries easy •    Original style small safety, slide lock and magazine catch---no extensions •    Long trigger and flat mainspring housing, just like original 1911s
•    Colt's new beavertail grip safety for comfort in long shooting sessions. •    Special Novak sights---extra-wide notch and bead front---for any-light shooting •    Tactical Oval grips with forward taper and fingerprint checkering. •    Pete Single 25 lpi checkering on the pistol's front-strap. •    Special serial number run and National Match grade barrel.




Springfield Armory 1911s


Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory originated as a government facility to store, and then produce firearms for our young country. The name was rescued by a private entity in 1974 and history has been kept alive since then through their manufacture of 1911 pistols (as well as rifles and polymer pistols).

The Springfield line offers a range of models using the traditional 70-series design from the basic mil-spec, parkerized model like the original GI's would have high-end production and custom-shop models, sure to please the avid shooter and collector.

We usually keep about a dozen different models in stock. Please stop in to learn more.



Ruger 1911s



The Ruger 1911 is a practical, enjoyable 1911 to shoot...and the price point is very attractive as well, usually starting about $759 and staying under the $1000 mark.

Several style models to choose from, including both full-size 5" barrel models and 4.25" commander-size options, all in 45 acp caliber.








Sig Sauer 1911s


Sig Sauer

Sig is known for taking the 1911 platform and interpreting it into a myrid of design ideas. Look for:

* two-tone metal

* wood, synthetic, G10 grip styles

* traditional domed top or contemporary square-style slides

If you are looking for a unique 1911 design to suit your personal style, check out the offerings from Sig Sauer.




Wilson Combat 1911s


Wilson Combat

Bill Wilson and his team of highly-skilled tradesmen at Wilson Combat will create for you a 1911 pistol that 'checks all the boxes' expected of a 1911. John Browning would be very proud!

Most of our Wilson offerings are custom-ordered. Please inquire.









Rimfire Pistols:


Beretta 87 Target



Beretta 87 Target -
22 long rifle; single action; 6" barrel; two 10-round mags





Browning Buckmark



Browning Buckmark -
22 long rifle; 5.5" barrel; adjustable sights; Browning soft case. Note: models in stock will vary.



Ruger SR22TB


Ruger SR22 -
22LR; 10-round mag(s); manual safety; two size grips

Shown: (top) 4.5" barrel and (bottom) 3.5" barrel

Ruger makes several different models, most under $399. Stop in store to learn more!



Ruger Mark III group

Ruger Mark IV and III pistols-

(clockwise from top)
Ruger Mark III Hunter -
22LR; 6.875" fluted barrel; wood grips

Ruger Mark III -
22LR; 5.5" bull barrel; black grips

Ruger Mark III 22/45 -
22LR; model 10140; 5.5" bull barrel; 1911-style grip panels

We always have a rotating variety of Ruger Mark IV pistols in stock. Stop in for current inventory.


Smith & Wesson Victory


Smith & Wesson Victory -
22LR; 5.5" match grade barrel; hi-viz sight; two 10-rounds mags





Range and Carry:


FNH pistols


The FNH line of pistols feature interchangeable backstraps for a custom fit and ambidextrious controls. Units shown:

(bottom right) FNX-45 Tactical -
45acp; FDE; 5.3" threaded barrel...great for a can and AE's suppressor-optimized 45acp ammo. Night-sights, three 15-round mags, interchangeable backstraps & nylon case.

(top) FNX (hammer gun) or FNS (striker fired gun) in 9mm, 40S&W or 45acp

(bottom left) FNS Compact - 9mm; three magazines: one 12-round flush, one 12-round with finger extension, and one 17-round extended; adjustable backstrap; 3.6" barrel; also available in 40S&W


Glock AccessoriesGlock pistols

As a Glock stocking dealer, we offer a full line of pistols, including special editions (when available) from Vickers and Talo.

Calibers: 380 acp, 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 sig, 10mm, and 45 acp.

Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth (two-tone and full FDE with Cerakote slide), Gray and other special runs.

In addition, we stock:
* extra Glock factory magazines
* Vickers Tactical accessories including slide stop, magazine catch, and extended base pads
* Pearce Grip magazine extensions and grip plugs
* an assortment of after-market sights to upgrade your Glock (installation available, too)

Please call 717-786-3247 or stop in the shop to confirm price and availability of any specific model.


Heckler & Koch pistols


Got Heckler & Koch? We love H&K pistols.

Our most popular models include:

(shown top) HK VP9 - striker fired, with lots of adjustable panels for the perfect fit; great for range or carry; also available in 40S&W caliber; base model has luminescent sights and two mags; alternate model has Tritium night sights and three mags. Terrific value!

(shown bottom) HK USP photographed in the compact variant, 9mm. Please inquire regarding the different variants available in the USP family.

We also love HK's other models, like the HK45 and P30 and will have them in stock from time-to-time. Please call for availability.




Ruger polymer guns


Ruger polymer pistol line-

(shown top left) Ruger SR9C - 9mm; 3.5" barrel; one 10-round and one 17-round mag

(top right) Ruger SR9 - 9mm; 4.125" barrel; two 17-round magazines

(middle row) Ruger LC9S - the new striker-fired 9mm; 7-round mag; 3.12" barrel; black finish
*available with or without safety or with gold Cerakote

(bottom left) Ruger LC9S - with factory laser

Want to install a laser on an LC9 or LCP you already have? - trigger guard laser available

(bottom right) Ruger LCP - 380 auto; 6-round; 2.625" barrel; black finish; laser and non-laser variations available



Sig Sauer P238 and P938 models


Sig Sauer:

If you like the short trigger pull of a 1911 and a manual safety, but want a small size pistol, you should like Sig Sauer's 238 and 938 models.

Sig Sauer P238 - 380acp; 2.7" barrel; 6-round magazine; contrast or night sights, depending on the model.

Models shown (clockwise from top left): SAS two-tone with wood grips; nitron with rosewood grips; nickel finish with blackwood grips.


Sig Sauer P938 -
9mm; 3" barrel; 6-round flush or 7-round extended magazine; contrast or night sights, depending on the model.

Models shown (clockwise from top left): Extreme with G10 grips; Nitron (Sport) with black rubber grips; SAS two-tone with wood grips; nitron with rosewood grips and flush magazine.

NOTE: CGS keeps a rotating stock of Sig Sauer P238 and 938s in stock...models and prices will vary. Stop in for current selection.


Sig Sauer Pistols


...more Sig Sauer:

The selection is always changing. Items photographed:

(top left) Sig Sauer SP2022 - 9mm; 3.9" barrel; two 15-round mags; contrast sights or night sight options; black or FDE; also available in 40 S&W caliber
(top right) Sig Sauer M11-A1 - 9mm; SigLite night sights; SRT; phosphate coated internals; two 15-round mag

(2nd row left) Sig Sauer P320 - 9mm; 3.75" barrel; two 15-round mags; contrast sights or night sights; sig holster
(2nd row right) Sig Sauer P220-10 Lipsey's Exclusive - 10mm; single action; 5" barrel; stainless steel; rosewood grips; adjustable match rear sight; contrast front sight; 8-round capacity

(third row) P229 Legion -
9mm; 3.9" barrel; this pistol is loaded with features including X-RAY high visibility day / night sights, enhanced action with short reset, adjustable trigger, relieved frame under trigger guard, PVD gray finish, solid steel guide rod, three 15-round mags

(bottom left) Sig Sauer P290RS - 380acp or 9mm available; 2.9" barrel; SigLite night sights; factory laser (optional); holster; one 6-round and one 8-round mag
(bottom right) Sig Sauer P220 SAS Gen 2 Nitron - 45 acp; SRT trigger system; smooth SAS profile for snag-free carry; 3.9" barrel; single action / double action with decocker; 8-round capacity; SigLite night sights




Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

Smith & Wesson M&P and Bodyguard Pistols:

(bottom left pair) Bodyguard - 380 auto; 6+1 capacity, laser and non-laser variations

(right hand trio) M&P Shield -
9mm; 3.1" barrel; two magazines (flush & extended); with OR without manual safety; factory laser model shown bottom right; also available in 40 S&W caliber

(top right) M&P9 Compact -
9mm; 3.5" barrel; two magazines (one standard 12-round & one 15-round); three palmswell grip sizes; also available in 40 S&W caliber



Springfield Armory pistolsSpringfield Armory: As a stocking dealer, we stock a host of their polymer handguns.

Models: XD, XD(M), XD-Mod2, and XD(S)
Calibers: 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 acp

The Springfield line offers sizes for both range and carry. Please call the shop at 717-786-3247 or stop in to inquire on which model will best suit your needs and check price/availability accordingly.

Crimson Trace Railmaster on XDSWe tried out a Crimson Trace Rail Master laser on the XDS...nice!



Walther CCP


Walther Firearms, manufactured in Germany; we regularly stock an assortment of models, including the following shown:

(top left) Walther PPS -
9mm; 3.2" barrel; striker fired; one flush 6-round and one extended 8-round mag; thin profile

(top right) Walther PPQ -
9mm; 4" barrel; striker fired; two 15-round mags; ergonomic grip

(bottom) Walther CCP -
9mm; 3.5" barrel; striker fired; two 8-round mags; ergonomic grip; shown in grey but also available in black



Please visit our store in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to see our complete inventory.
Availability of all items listed subject to prior sale. Prices and specifications listed are subject to confirmation as typos are possible.


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