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AR-15 Parts


Yankee Hill receivers

Start with an old rifle or a new receiver,

like this billet upper and lower model from Yankee Hill Machine.

Prefer standard issue? Please call for our current inventory.



Than add parts. This is an overview of the products and lines we stock:


Barrel grouping



AR barrels and bolt carriers:

Daniel Defense 18" S2W barrel, 1:7

Yankee Hill Machine-
20" threaded barrel, 1:7 - standard
20" threaded barrel, 1:7 - fluted

CMMG 16" M4 profile barrel, 1:7

Daniel Defense bolt carrier group

Yankee Hill bolt carrier group



CMMG AR-15 Parts Shipmment





* full lower parts kit
* gun builder's lower parts kit (minus trigger)
* lower pin & spring kit
* upper pin & spring kit
* enhanced field repair kit
* gas tubes (carbine, midlength & rifle)
* fixed A2 buttstock assembly
* barrels
* Vltar 5-position buffer tube.







Blue Force Gear / Vickers Tactical Slings


We've been running these great slings from Blue Force Gear and can't speak highly enough, even after an 8-hour carbine class!

Collectors Gun Shop has one- and two-attachment point models...also padded or straight webbing models.

The Vicker's VCAS unit is used by the Marines on the H&K M27 rifle.


Other sling brands in stock too, including Magpul.









Geissele Triggers


Geissele Triggers:

Considering an upgrade to your trigger? Want a factory-new gun with a great trigger? Look into Geissele Triggers.

They are manufactured right in Pennsylvania...
and have all the credentials for top-notch performance. CGS stocks both direct replacement triggers as well as new guns pre-installed with Geissele triggers [look for the 'G' logo on the trigger].

Learn more directly from the source: Geissele YouTube Video







Ergo Parts:

* Grips & hand guards

* Buttstock

* Rail covers (pica & keymod)

* Buffer assembly






And many more, including Midwest Industries, Yankee Hill, Magpul, American Defense, Daniel Defense, Leupold...
stop in to see the full selection. Arguably the largest AR parts selection in Lancaster County south of Rte 30!

AR collage



Please visit our store in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to see our complete inventory.
Availability of all items listed subject to prior sale. Prices and specifications listed are subject to confirmation as typos are possible. 


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